Witness The Fitness

Yesterday Daniel Woods made the second repeat of Chris Sharma's mega roof problem, Witness The Fitness, in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. We filmed Chris' first ascent back in 2005 and it was featured in Dosage Volume III. It's a nearly 40 foot long horizontal roof that was one of the wildest pieces of rock we'd ever seen climbed, and Chris' hardest problem at the time.

Above: Chris Sharma on Witness The Fitness in 2005. Photo by Corey Rich

The following year, Fred Nicole made two trips from Switzerland and broke several holds, but eventually repeated the problem, calling it the hardest in that style he'd ever done. Since 2006 the rumor has been that after several more holds broke, the line was no longer possible. But Daniel Woods,  Jimmy Webb, and Paul Robinson had heard otherwise, and went to check it out.

On day one they solved the crux, with completely different beta than Chris. And on Day 3 Daniel sent. He thinks it's "solid V15" and the best roof he's ever done. Fresh from a recent stint sportclimbing at the Red River Gorge, Daniel credited his newfound endurance for the quick success.

Above: Daniel Woods on Witness The Fitness, 2013. Photo by Paul Robinson.

To celebrate the fact that this spectacular problem still goes, we posted the first ascent video on the Big UP YouTube channel, and we should have the send footage from Daniel soon as well - will be really interesting to see how different it climbs now !

If you've seen the original Ozarks Dose from D3 you may also remember The Full Package - an incredible V13 / 14 prow that Chris put up on the same trip. The day after Witness, Daniel also got the first repeat of that one. He's got some serious momentum...