Summer Sale Series: Rampage

On sale this week, the original American bouldering movie, Rampage. Only $12.95 on DVD or Download.

In 1999, bouldering in the US was still mostly considered "practice climbing." Outside of Fontainebleau, France and Hueco Tanks, Texas, there were very few developed areas where people saw bouldering as an end in itself. But there were little pockets of enthusiasm bubbling up all over the States. Mostly kids who had spent time at Hueco, got bit by the bouldering bug, and returned home with a new vision for worthwhile lines at their home areas. 
After spending the winter in Hueco with Obe Carrion and Chris Sharma, we decided to regroup in the spring to do an epic West Coast road trip to check out all the rumors of new areas. We bought a crappy old RV and spent ten weeks hopping from zone to zone, with Chris putting up a handful of rad new lines every day. It was all about raw, youthful energy. Nothing seemed serious, and the possibilities felt endless. We hit up Castle Rock, Black Mountain, The Tramway, Priest Draw, Tahoe, Humboldt, Squamish and more, plus a quick stop in San Fran in the middle so Chris could win the X-Games. 
The movie made a big splash at the time, and put a stamp of legitimacy on American bouldering. It became a thing. Fourteen years later, it's amazing to see how far bouldering has come, not to mention our filmmaking ;-).